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MOC-P to Install Permanent Fuel Retention Boom

Furthering our effort to protect the environment, NOAA has been enclosing fueling ships moored to the Marine Operations Center – Pacific (MOC-P) facility in Newport, Oregon with fuel oil retention booms since October of 2015. There has not been a spill during fueling operations for NOAA ships in Yaquina bay
To simplify this effort, in the fall of 2016 the MOC-P is planning to install a permanent boom along the inside of the horizontal camels for berths 4 and 5. These are the two east most berths along the north side of the pier. The purpose of the permanent boom is to provide a functional attachment for the encircling boom to ensure complete enclosure of the fueling ship.
The permanent boom will not extend into the Yaquina Harbor beyond the current footprint of the pier and the temporary encircling booms will extend no further than they already have been since October 2015.
A PDF of the complete proposal can be accessed here.

Boom Proposed Action V5