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Port presses on with NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project

The maze of concrete and asphalt that once wound through Oregon Aqua Foods, the former salmon ranch that operated in South Beach two decades ago, is now but a memory. With the NOAA Marine Operations Center – Pacific (MOC-P) headed to Newport, all those runs and rearing ponds have been removed to make way for the new 5.5 acre NOAA MOC-P Homeport upland facility.

“It’s exciting that the Port has been able to recycle 99% of the material being removed from the site,” said Port Commissioner JoAnn Barton. “Nearly all of the excavated materials will see new uses and extended life spans. This is an added bonus to the many benefits this project is, and will be, contributing to our community and the state.”

The upland portion of the project is being designed to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 2009 Silver Certification for New Construction. One of the benchmarks of the LEED program is recycling and reusing construction debris and materials.

At the February 23rd Port Commission meeting, Brad Nile of Andersen/West Coast Contractors JV (A/WCC) reported that demolition of the site’s former structures has yielded 8,000 tons of concrete crushed on site to be reused as site fill material; 125 tons of steel hauled off site and recycled; and 700 tons of asphalt crushed and trucked off site to be reused in future asphalt batches.

Three Newport-area subcontracting firms were hired to complete the site demolition, grading and preliminary electrical work. That package of work amounted to $1.5 million, Nile reported. Additional subcontractor contracts are scheduled to be let in the near future for utility and building core and shell scopes of work.

A commitment to engage the local trades as much as possible was one of the criteria the Port established in the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) selection process. In December, A/WCC held a day-long informational and outreach meeting for local subcontractors and vendors interested in working on the project. There was a fantastic turnout, with nearly 75 interested subcontractors and vendors attending. Those interested in future portions of the project are encouraged to watch the newspaper for advertisements.

The Port’s project management team, Day CPM, also reported at the February Port Commission meeting that work on NOAA’s MOC-P new upland facility is on target and on budget to meet the completion deadline of May 1, 2011. Work on pier pilings for the Homeport is scheduled for this year’s in-water work window (November 1, 2010 to February 15, 2011). Architects and engineers are completing the construction documents while site demolition and preliminary grading work is underway. At the same time, environmental scientists and other consultants are working closely with federal, state and local agencies to complete the regulatory permitting requirements.

As the review process continues following the Port of Bellingham’s protest over NOAA’s award procedures, US Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, Representative Kurt Schrader and the entire Oregon delegation including the Governor’s Office, State Senator Joanne Verger and State Representative Jean Cowan are providing leadership, oversight and support in defense of Newport’s award. Port Commission President Ginny Goblirsch expressed her appreciation on behalf of the entire Port Commission and project team for this important task.

“While NOAA is engaged in fulfilling its extended obligations for this project as a result of the protest, we try to understand why the Washington delegation feels the need to do and say all they can to protect their interests,” said Goblirsch. “Nevertheless, the award was not overturned. The leadership and support coming from our folks in Salem and DC has been invaluable. The Port of Newport is under contract with NOAA to have a new facility ready for the MOC-P to take occupancy by summer, 2011. We remain on track to fully deliver on our obligations.”

The Port of Newport shares new information with the public about the NOAA project and other projects, answers questions and provides meeting announcements with an updated Web site: http://www.portofnewport.com.

For more information about the project, contact Don Mann, General Manager at the Port of Newport, 541-265-7758.