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NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project Updates

January 2010 - July 2011

July 2011
The NOAA MOC-P Project was completed seven days ahead of schedule and slightly under budget. The Andersen/WCC construction site has been cleared and is being prepared for future Port use.
The NOAA research vessel Bell M. Shimada and the ACOE Dredge Yaquina have successfully taken on fuel at the new NOAA pier.
A dedication ceremony and open house for the NOAA MOC-P facility is planned for August 20-21. Admission is free and tours of the facility will be conducted for the public.

June 2011
Planning sessions are underway for a formal dedication and open house of the new NOAA Marine Operations Center-Pacific facility August 20-21, 2011. Details of that event will be announced.
More than 20,000 yards of fill material has been removed from the sand pile at the NOAA site by contractors, developers, and members of the public. Two large sprinklers have been placed on top of the sand pile, and a third will be added, to reduce the amount of blowing sand. Call Harbormaster Chris Urbach at 541-270-5558 with inquires regarding the availability of material for your project.

May 2011
On Friday, April 29, 2011, NOAA officials did a final walk-through of the Marine Operations Center-Pacific Homeport facility and provided the Port with an acceptance letter. Port of Newport General Manager Don Mann and Port Commission Chair Ginny Goblirsch signed the supplemental lease documents that established the final rent and terms, and turned over the keys to NOAA. The signing ceremony took place in the museum room of the new administration building. The transition from construction to commissioning and operation continues, with furniture and equipment being moved into the administration office and warehouse. The project, 22 months in the making, was finished five days ahead of schedule and under budget. The first NOAA research vessel could arrive at the new pier as early as June.
Day CPM will provide lease management services during the one-year warranty period at the NOAA facility. Rick Fuller has been hired as facilities manager to assist with commissioning and project closeout.
A community open house with a limited facility walk-through has been tentatively scheduled for July 9-10, 2011, with a public ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration in August. Details of those events will be announced.

April 2011
With the challenges of winter weather, a tight schedule, and the tsunami event, the NOAA Marine Pacific Homeport Project remains on time and on budget. The dredging and pile driving have been completed, and most of the office and warehouse interior finish work is done. The buildings and three main pier berths are on track for Substantial Completion by May 1, 2011, when NOAA will take over occupancy. Project Completion of the entire facility is scheduled for July 1, 2011. Approximately 75% of the $28.8 million project budget has been spent, and that is in line with earlier projections. The Port is making good progress completing the state and federal requirements of the contract and in-water permit, as well as post-construction monitoring.
An amendment has been made to the contract between the Port and Day CPM Services, and Day CPM will serve as the lease manager for the Port on the NOAA Marine Operations Center-Pacific facility. Recruitment is underway for a facilities manager. Ideally that person will be on board in time to work with the engineers and contractors in the commissioning process and transition of the facility to NOAA.

March 2011
The NOAA Marine Pacific Homeport project remains on time and within budget. All of the pier piles and fender piles have been driven and the concrete beam spans have been installed. Work continues on the small boat dock and the only in-water work remaining to be done is a small amount of dredging to open a channel into the area where the eel grass will be re-planted. A utility building holds the switch gear for the two transformers that will power the dock and the emergency generator has been successfully load tested. Work on the office and warehouse is in the finishing stage, and care is being taken to protect the finished surfaces within the buildings while contruction continues. The exterior landscaping work has begun. Monday, May 2, 2011 is the scheduled move-in date for NOAA.

February 2011
The NOAA project is on time and on budget. All of the pier piles have been driven and the fender piles along the side of the dock are expected to be in by mid-February. Concrete beam spans are being installed and the schedule is on track for early berths to be completed by April 29, 2011, in keeping with the terms of the NOAA lease. The office building and warehouse are in the "finishing stages", with millwork being installed, as well as finish electrical work and final plumbing work. The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) cash flow is following the line of projection. Thirty-three percent of the contingency remains untouched. The Port is tracking several options for removal of the mountain of sand at the NOAA site. May 1, 2011 is the scheduled move-in date for NOAA.

January 2011
The project continues to be on time and within budget. The eight days lost due to receiving the in-water work permit late have been made up, with Andersen-West Coast Contractors (AWCC) driving 3-6 piles per day. Crews installed pier planks at one location as pile driving was underway at the other end of the pier, with dredging by Nehalem River Dredging in progress all the while. The eastern concrete approach pier head has been poured, and the small boat pier will be assembled in the marina and towed into position for pile installation. John Van Staveren, Pacific Habitat Services, is providing third-party oversight for the project, to see that conditions and due dates required by the permits are met, and progress is tracked at weekly project meetings. Shoreline remediation work is being done at low tide, and the under-bay utility issue has been solved. According to the contractors, the project looks good to finish within the in-water work window.

December 2010
Senator Ron Wyden was extremely helpful in getting the in-water work permit in hand. The permit came with several pages of conditions and an informal requeest for proposals for someone to monitor all of those conditions independently will be put together to ensure that the project is in compliance and report back what the conditions require. The buildings' windows are being tested for water intrusion and turbidity has been extremely low so the project has created no problems for the intakes at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon Coast Aquarium.rWindowsto

November 2010
The NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project is progressing well in budget, scope, and time. Thirteen million dollars of the overall project budget of $38.4 million has been spent to date; on the construction side, $7.6 million of the $29.4 million Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) has been spent. Contingencies have been built into the budget to cover any conditions that might be imposed by the Joint Permit Application (JPA) when the permit is issued. When the permit is received, dredging and in-water work can start for the piers. The Port applied for and received a grant in the amount of $500,000 through the Marine Navigation Improvement Fund that will be applied towards dredging costs for the NOAA facility. Apart from the pilings, which have to wait for the in-water work window, the demolition of Port Dock 2 is complete. Material from the dock, including 300-feet of bull rail, the hoist, and some timbers, were salvaged during demolition. Sheet pile for the NOAA MOC-P Project is being received and staged near the terminal, and concrete pile caps for the NOAA piers are being cast and stockpiled for installation.

October 2010
The budget and schedule for the NOAA MOC-P Homeport project is on track. Crews from the NOAA construction manger/general contractor, Andersen Construction-WCC, are working on the office building and warehouse roofs and other site work. Both buildings are designed to meet LEED silver certification standards. Brad Nile, project manager for Andersen-WCC, presented a full color, 3-D "tour" of NOAA's 1,300 foot pier at the regular commission meeting on September 28. The program had been developed by Andersen-WCC's mechanical engineers to show where piping and electrical systems would be embedded in the pre-cast concrete, in order to identify the complexities of the utility installations.
The eelgrass that was harvested and will be used for mitigation to allow for dredging at the NOAA site is showing new growth. The plants are being nurtured at the Oregon Coast Aquarium until they can be replanted in the spring.

September 2010
The NOAA Homeport project is on schedule and tracking. Andersen-WCC expect to have the roofs on the warehouse and two-story administration building by the end of October.
General Manager Don Mann and Commissioner JoAnn Barton attended a NOAA Change of Command ceremony on September 2, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. Captain Guy Noll assumed command of NOAA's Marine Operations Center-Pacific, relieving Captain Michele Bullock. Captain Bullock will stay on through the transition when the NOAA Pacific fleet's headquarters moves from Seattle to Newport.

August 2010
Nearly one year to the day after the Port signed the lease with NOAA to bring the Marine Operations Center-Pacific to Newport, the walls were tilted up for NOAA's new warehouse and administration office. The structural steel will now be brought in and the roof will go on. The project's Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) docucuments have been fully executed. The Joint Permit Application (JPA) was submitted and deemed complete by the agencies, and final closing documents for the nearly $24 million Lease Revenue Bonds have been signed. The project is on schedule and on budget.

July 2010
West Coast Contractors was selected from a field of six bids for the in-water construction, pier, small boat dock, dredging, and mitigation excavation on the NOAA Homeport Project. The bids were reviewed and scored by a selection committee made up of engineers, Port representatives, contractors, and members of the public because West Coast Contractors is part of the Andersen Construction/WCC Joint Venture that won the NOAA Homeport construction contract. The bids for the pier work came in over budget but the construction portion was over by less than 1% so that gap can be filled by value engineering.
On June 30, the Port issued its Taxable Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2010 (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Operations Center-Pacific Project) through the Port's bond underwriter, Wedbush Securities, Inc. Together with the State of Oregon grant, the bond proceeds will be used to finance the capital construction and improvements for NOAA's new Homeport Project. According to the Port's independent pricing advisor, The Charles Carter Company, "the interest rates on the Port's bonds are very competitive and are favorable to the Port." Standard & Poor's rated the Port's bonds "AA-" and anyone with an interest in purchasing the bonds, subject to availability and prior sale, should contact David Ulbricht, Wedbush Securities, at 503-471-6790.

June 2010
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared for the second time that there is no practible alternative to the Port of Newport lease award. In a Public Notice Final Determination dated June 2, 2010, NOAA stated that based on the analysis it had conducted of the three Washington state offers since the lease award was announced, and the comments received during a 30-day public comment period, the Port of Newport's offer was the highest technically-rated and lowest-price and represented the best value to the government. The lease award will stand. NOAA's Final Determination Report can be viewed elsewhere on this news page or at http://www.moc.noaa.gov/mop.html. The NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project has been underway for about nine months. The site's demolition and grading work has been completed and construction on the upland buildings' core and shell work started May 27, 2010. Bids for the in-water pier work are due in mid-June. The contractor for the pier work will be selected by committee. There has been good participation from local sub-contractors and the project remains on schedule and under budget. The Joint Permit Applications (JPAs) for both the NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project and the Terminal Renovation Project have been submitted together to the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) and the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE). The complete application will be posted to the DSL and ACOE's websites for public review and comment in mid-July. The taxable lease revenue bonds that will partially fund the NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project have been assigned a rating of AA- with a stable outlook. The only issue keeping the rating from being slightly higher is that the project is not yet completed, so it is possible that the rating will be increased to AAA upon completion of the project.

May 2010
The NOAA MOC-P Homeport Project remains on schedule. The building modification and relocation of Yaquina Bay Fruit Processors has been completed and the demolition and grading work finished early. Cost savings from that phase of the work will be carried forward into the next phase. With 3,500 yards of recycled concrete laid down, along with imported rock, the site is essentially ready for the upland construction to begin. Bids on the building shells have been received, and requests for bids to pre-purchase the piling material went out early due to an anticipated rise in the cost of steel piling material. High aerial photographs are being taken of the site each month, as well as photographs by site cameras a couple of times each day. Those photos will be compiled to create a time-lapse movie of the project as it is built.

April 2010
After a second assessment of the four offers submitted in response to NOAA's MOC-P solicitation, NOAA has reaffired its selection of Newport, OR as its new homeport, stating that "there is no practicable alternative" to Newport. The agency will allow a 30-day comment period before announcing its final decision. Demolition work and grading continue at the NOAA site in South beach. Of the concrete, steel, adn asphalt that has been removed, 99% (7,266 tons or 14 million pounds) has been recycled. Bid packages on the underground utilities, pier and small boat dock will go out in April. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will take place Friday, April 9, for that work and a strong response from local sub-contractors and vendors is expected. Work on the pier pilings is scheduled for this year's in-water work window (November 1, 2010-February 15, 2011). Work on the upland facility is on target and on budget to meet the completion deadline of May 1, 2011.

March 2010
West Coast Contractors, with assistance from Wiggins Towboat, completed the installation of test piles to support the new NOAA pier facility. The test piles will be left in place and incorporated into the new pier. The early demolition work at the NOAA site is well underway. Ninety-nine percent of the material taken from the site, including concrete, asphalt, and rebar, is being recycled. Congressman Kurt Schrader visited the site in February and was given a tour of the work in progress.

February 2010
The NOAA Homeport Project is progressing rapidly and going well. Work is currently underway at the South Beach site, including test piles, demolition, excavation, and utilities. A comprehensive plan has been developed to relocate part of the Yaquina Bay Fruit Processors' operation to make room for the NOAA facility. A project scope of work was bid by local general contractors and Trevillian Construction, Seal Rock, OR, was selected to do the work. West Coast Contractors mobilized their barge crane and the test pile program has been completed. Wiggins Towboat, Depoe Bay, OR, is providing services for barge movements. Web-cam meetings between NOAA and the project team are held weekly.

January 2010
The earliest construction estimate for the NOAA MOC-P project has come in at $31.7 million. That estimate is over the $28 million budget, but to date more than $2.9 million in costs has already been trimmed from the budget and the schedule remains on track. The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) requirements have been updated since the original NOAA proposal was submitted but the project team is confident that there will still be a good margin of points to ensure certification under the LEED 2009 Silver program. Andersen Construction met with sub-contractors, vendors, and suppliers in a kickoff meeting on December 16, 2009. More than 70 sub-contractors and vendors attended that meeting, most from the local area.

Aerial photograph courtesy of Chuck Forinash
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