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The Port of Newport is located on the central Oregon coast in the City of Newport, Lincoln County seat and major business/economic hub of the area, and encompasses approximately 59 square miles and has an estimated population of 10,800 persons. Port boundaries reach north to Otter Rock, east up to six miles inland, south to Seal Rock, and west to the Pacific Ocean. Commercial and sport fishing, fish processing, shipping, tourism, recreation, and lumber and wood processing are the areaís major industries.

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Commission Vacancy Notice

The Port of Newport is accepting letters of interest from persons within the [Port District boundaries] to fill a vacancy in Position No. 2 on the Port Commission.

Commissioner David Jincks has resigned his position effective June 1, 2016. His commission expires June 30, 2017.

Interested persons should mail or hand deliver a letter of interest no later than 5:00 pm, Tuesday, June 14th, to the Port office at 600 SE Bay Blvd., Newport, OR, 97365. To be eligible, applicant must be a registered voter and reside within the Port District boundaries. [Resolution No. 2014-08]

Letters of interest shall at a minimum include:

1. Full name of candidate.

2. Physical and mailing address of candidate. Optional information shall include phone number and e-mail address.

3. Amount of time as an elector within the district.

4. A statement of the candidateís desire to serve on the board, including the following:

a. Knowledge of the Port of Newport, its mission, goals and services provided.

b. Experience servicing on boards, public and/or private

c. Reason for interest in serving on the Board of Commissioners.

d. Professional experience or knowledge that would assist Port in meeting its goals.

e. Perception of the Portís strengths.

f. Perception of the Portís weaknesses, and measures suggested to address those weaknesses.

g. View of the role of a Port Commissioner.

5. Signature and date.

Depending on the number of applicants, a Special Meeting may be held on June 21st at noon at the South Beach Activities Room, 2120 SE Marine Science Drive, to interview applicants. An appointment to fill the unexpired term is anticipated at the regular Port Commission meeting on June 21st, 2016. The successful applicant is expected to take the seat upon being sworn in at the regular meeting. The Port Commission regularly meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

The selection process is a follows:

Each candidate will be interviewed with an opportunity for the four remaining commissioners to deliberate after interviews. The three commissioners will vote for their preferred candidate by signed ballot and staff will announce the results of the vote publically. If there is a tie, the President of the Commission will break the tie and entertain a motion to appoint the applicant to the commission.

Budget Committee Meeting May 10, 2016

 You can find the meeting packet and minutes here.


4/21/16 ODOT will be doing construction on US20 this summer. This will result in closures at times. Currently, the schedule can be found here. You can find more information and updates at


4/20/2016 Construction is underway. Below is a map of the area currently restricted; please note that during this phase of construction the service dock will be temporarily inaccessable, but the boat ramp is open.

View the conceptual site plan HERE.


The Port Commission adopted Resolution 2016-02 Setting Rates, Fees and Charges at the Regular Meeting on April 26, 2106.  You may view the Resolution here.

PLEASE SEE RATES for our current rate schedule.


The Port Commission adopted Resolution 2015-04 Adopting a Public Records Policy. PLEASE SEE 2015-04 Public Records Policy.pdf for policy information.

You can download a request form here: Public Records Request Form.pdf


The Port Commission adopted Resolution 2015-12 Adopting a Special Use Permit Policy. You can download an application for a Special Use Permit here: Special Use Permit Application.pdf




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